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Rome Puzzle Rome Puzzle
Mix and match the tiles to score points in this ancient Rome favourite!
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Burrito Bison Burrito Bison
You have been trapped in a world of gummies, forced to entertain them. Shoot out of the ring and slam those gummies for cash, upgrades ...
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Mass Mayhem 2099 A.D Mass Mayhem 2099 A.D
Use your weapons and jetpack to fight in the corrupt world of 2099 A.D!
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The Gentleman The Gentleman
Bend the laws of physics and carry your umbrella through this EXQUISITE adventure!
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Mini Moto Mini Moto
Control your tiny motorcycle and speed past your competitors!
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Portal 2D Portal 2D
The well loved Valve game in flash! Create orange and blue portals to maneuver your way through the puzzle packed levels!
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Action / Adventure Games

Power CopterPower Copter
Fly around in your helicopter and shoot down enemy planes and jets.
Toast of WarToast of War
Its a battle with butter. Destroy those yellow squares before you run out of life or youre toast.
Play as the Pale Man of the North and help your people get rid of a most unusual plague
Endless Zombie Rampage 2Endless Zombie Rampage 2
Try to hold your own against the endless zombie hordes!

Sports Games

Cann CricketCann Cricket
Play a game of cricket by yourself or with a friend.
Stunt Bike DrawStunt Bike Draw
Draw a ramp for your biker to ride across and avoid the obstacles.
Adrenaline ChallengeAdrenaline Challenge
Ride your dirt bike over rough terrain, collect tags and get to the exit.
Guide your team to World Cup victory!

Puzzle Games

Collide blocks of the same colour and win points!
Ornament KeyOrnament Key
Assemble different ornaments to unlock and open ancient gates.
Combine the different elements and give life to your world!
Reverse BootsReverse Boots
Jump around the castle as a knight, transforming objects with your boots!

Shooting Games

Thing Thing Arena 2Thing Thing Arena 2
Thing Thing Arena 2!
Fracture 2Fracture 2
A smooth, fast-paced arcade shooter.
Fight for survival from Aliens, Robots and Zombies.
Carnival ShowdownCarnival Showdown
Shoot all the targets and become the best carnival shooter in town!

Other Games

Ant CityAnt City
Burn the puny humans below you with your giant magnifying glass!
Dwarf TossDwarf Toss
Toss the dwarf as far as you can over the water
Defend Fish BoatDefend Fish Boat
Hire various members of the Yu family to protect the fishing boat against pirates!
Pogo SwingPogo Swing
Help the gang of kids jump off the swing and go as far as possible

Racing Games

Micro Racers 2Micro Racers 2
Choose your car and track, then push your driving skills to the limit!
Foofa RaceFoofa Race
An awesome racing game with lots of weapons and obstacles to defeat your opponent.
Death RacersDeath Racers
Race for your life in a post-apocalyptic world run by a military government
Larry Pup RunLarry Pup Run
Collect all the beer and run for as long as you can!

Retro Games

A pimped-up version of the original.
Save The GoonsSave The Goons
Control the Unitank and block the alien attack on the Goons
Eternal SpaceEternal Space
Hit your ball at various objects to destroy them
Mountain ManiacMountain Maniac
Help the mountain man vent his rage by launching boulders at the city below!

Strategy Games

Choose your weapon, aim and fire!
You are a new found virus that has 200 days to wipe out humanity.
Experience life as a hungry spider at night. Catch the insects flying past in your web, and eat them to gain health.
Helicops TerritoriesHelicops Territories
Reclaim your kingdom by battling against your enemies in an all our helicopter war!

RPG Games

Flash GauntletFlash Gauntlet
Help the wizard escape from the ghosts.
The BattleThe Battle
Your objective is to create an army with the limited money you possess and to wipe out the enemy and their fortress!
Into SpaceInto Space
Launch your rocket into the sky to earn money and finally reach space
Rage ArenaRage Arena
Stock up on weapons and survive the waves of enemies!

Fighting Games

Babarian BobBabarian Bob
Travel through the castle, killing enemies.
2D Knockout2D Knockout
Jump in the boxing ring, and try to beat your opponent.
War MachinesWar Machines
Battle with your War Machine to achieve world domination.
I Paid For ItI Paid For It
Beat up the vending machine and get what you paid for!



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