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Rome Puzzle Rome Puzzle
Mix and match the tiles to score points in this ancient Rome favourite!
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Burrito Bison Burrito Bison
You have been trapped in a world of gummies, forced to entertain them. Shoot out of the ring and slam those gummies for cash, upgrades ...
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Mass Mayhem 2099 A.D Mass Mayhem 2099 A.D
Use your weapons and jetpack to fight in the corrupt world of 2099 A.D!
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The Gentleman The Gentleman
Bend the laws of physics and carry your umbrella through this EXQUISITE adventure!
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Mini Moto Mini Moto
Control your tiny motorcycle and speed past your competitors!
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Portal 2D Portal 2D
The well loved Valve game in flash! Create orange and blue portals to maneuver your way through the puzzle packed levels!
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Action / Adventure Games

Microbe KombatMicrobe Kombat
Eat proteins to grow bigger, reproduce, and wipe out enemy microbes.
Toast of WarToast of War
Its a battle with butter. Destroy those yellow squares before you run out of life or youre toast.
Avoid your enemies and use them to destroy the blue stars
House of Dead NinjasHouse of Dead Ninjas
Decend to the bottom of the tower while avoiding certain death at the hands of your enemies!

Sports Games

Mountain BikeMountain Bike
Ride you mountain bike through the forest scenery, but beware - there are many obstacles, and make sure you dont fall off your bike, or...
World Cup FeverWorld Cup Fever
Click on the ball to keep it bouncing as long as possible.
Adrenaline ChallengeAdrenaline Challenge
Ride your dirt bike over rough terrain, collect tags and get to the exit.
Shoot some cool tricks to earn the most points.

Puzzle Games

Use your bazooka to blow up all the barrels in the quickest time possible!
Cloudy GameCloudy Game
Set the path of the place to collect the stars and avoid the clouds!
Slashing BlocksSlashing Blocks
Use your knife to slash the blocks or ropes to bring the basketballs together!
Flooded VillageFlooded Village
Get the water where it needs to be!

Shooting Games

Ultimate InvaderUltimate Invader
Fly around in your spaceship and destroy everything in your sight. Destroy the human race and take over earth.
Fracture 2Fracture 2
A smooth, fast-paced arcade shooter.
41st Reality41st Reality
A trippy and fast paced arcade shooter.
Tropical Dragon SlaughterTropical Dragon Slaughter
Fly through four different areas dodging and destroying obstacles in order to collect coins and earn medals for your score and survival...

Other Games

Ant CityAnt City
Burn the puny humans below you with your giant magnifying glass!
Gods Playing FieldGods Playing Field
Kill the weaklings below you, to get new weapons and upgrades. Great stress-reliever.
Play as the spider, and gobble up all the flies roaming around the screen.
Key KrusherKey Krusher
Press the keys that are coming at you before they hit the screen!

Racing Games

Extreme RacingExtreme Racing
Complete 10 laps without without crashing.
3D Car Driver3D Car Driver
Drive your car while avoiding the red pedestrians.
Foofa RaceFoofa Race
An awesome racing game with lots of weapons and obstacles to defeat your opponent.
Race your boat and win the cup to unlock new boats and characters

Retro Games

Bouncy BallBouncy Ball
Bounce your way through challenging levels, while collecting coins.
A pimped-up version of the original.
3D Worm3D Worm
Like snake,but with a 3D look and feel.
Mario DefenderMario Defender
Protect Princess Peach by tossing the enemies away from the castle

Strategy Games

Age Of WarAge Of War
Start as cavemen, send units, and evolve to defeat your opponent.
Warfare 1917Warfare 1917
Build armies and send them into battle. Certain death, or ultimate victory? It is all up to you, Commander.
Stick WarStick War
You lead the last clan of free-thinking stick peoples. Huzzah! Mine for resources, build armies, and fight for freedom.
Overwatch RTSOverwatch RTS
Lead your group of soldiers to victory against the enemy!

RPG Games

Murloc RPGMurloc RPG
Play as a Murloc from Warcraft.
Stick RPGStick RPG
You are suddenly sucked into a two dimensional world as a stickman. Get a job work your way up. Get educated and fight at bars.
Follow Arcane on his journey to become the greatest gladiator ever
Cardinal QuestCardinal Quest
Crawl through the dungeon and stop the evil Minotaur!

Fighting Games

A flash boxing game.
War MachinesWar Machines
Battle with your War Machine to achieve world domination.
I Paid For ItI Paid For It
Beat up the vending machine and get what you paid for!
Monster ArenaMonster Arena
Train and nurture your monster to enter the monster tournament and become champion! You can even praise and get other monsters wanderin...



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