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Ant CityAnt City
Burn the puny humans below you with your giant magnifying glass!
Base JumpimgBase Jumpimg
Jump from a platform and be the first to reach the ground.
Bear AttackBear Attack
Help the bear defend his honey pots from the other bears
Bubble TroubleBubble Trouble
Shoot down all the bubbles to gain new weapons and power-ups.
Destroy the blocks before they reach the bottom.
Cell WarfareCell Warfare
An amazing content packed space shooter with 78 achievements, 28 badges, 10 unique enemies
Bounce from paddle to paddle, and collect all the balls.
Crimson RoomCrimson Room
Can you escape the Crimson Room?
Dead Tree DefenderDead Tree Defender
Defend your tree by shooting down the invaders.
Defend Fish BoatDefend Fish Boat
Hire various members of the Yu family to protect the fishing boat against pirates!
A twist on a classic arcade concept. Dodge enemy missiles and make them kill each other
Drop GameDrop Game
Jump from the plane and avoid the floating buildings on your way to the ground!
Dwarf TossDwarf Toss
Toss the dwarf as far as you can over the water
Eenie BalanceEenie Balance
Balance the see-saw and help Eeni stay on it
Eat up the smaller viruses and become the most lethal virus ever!
Everything Starts to FallEverything Starts to Fall
Follow the life of a boy as everything start to fall...
Fish TruckFish Truck
Transport the tanks of fish while protecting them from those pesky birds.
Play as the spider, and gobble up all the flies roaming around the screen.
Gods Playing FieldGods Playing Field
Kill the weaklings below you, to get new weapons and upgrades. Great stress-reliever.
Goin UpGoin Up
Help the demon climb as high as possible
Grid 16Grid 16
Play the 16 games in this giant grid, and determine your gaming skill.
Hungry SumoHungry Sumo
Feed your sumo and help him get bigger than his enemies!
Infinite Tower DefenseInfinite Tower Defense
Use the towers to destroy the waves of enemies before they reach their target!
Interactive BuddyInteractive Buddy
Play with your interactive pal, earn money, and buy weapons and skins for it.
Key KrusherKey Krusher
Press the keys that are coming at you before they hit the screen!
Kiten CannonKiten Cannon
Shoot the kitten as far as you can!
Last Egg StandingLast Egg Standing
Catch as many eggs as you can with the fox holding the basket.
Llama In Your FaceLlama In Your Face
Defeat the disrespectful zoo visitors by spitting on them!
Monster Truck DemolisherMonster Truck Demolisher
Drive the monster truck through the level and destroy all the cars in your way!
Napoleon StupidNapoleon Stupid
Ride on the back of your sturdy pig, jump over obstacles, dodge bombs, and shoot down bad guys
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